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Is Learning to Use a Cricut Difficult? Expert Tips and Guidance!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Hello, my friends, I wanna share my experience with my new baby, yes I called the Circut Maker 3, my baby :) Cricut Maker 3 is very useful for artists and I enjoy using it. I recommend starting with adhesive vinyl and single-layer designs. In the box, you have a sample for text. After a lot of research, I have chosen to buy Cricut Maker 3. It has the added ability to use matless Smart Materials. Smart Materials allow you to do larger projects in a single long cut, up to 12 feet long. I think using a mat is not easy to peel your art. The most important thing that I have learned is what kind of paper or vinyl to use to have the best quality. Cricut can cut all sorts of paper materials, from delicate papers like crepe and tissue paper to heavier materials like thick cardstock and poster board. TODAY'S BEST DEALS

A person holding a Cricut machine and looking at it with a thoughtful expression, wondering if it's hard to learn to use.

Once you get Design Space to set up your machine, you can pick Cricut Maker 3, and the system will guide you step by step and help you make a practice cut to make a sticker on the small piece of the removable vinyl.

 A close-up view of a Cricut machine with various materials and tools nearby, suggesting the question 'Is it hard to learn to use a Cricut

I also bought all materials that I need to print and cut for my projects. It is really good if you want to have your small business at home. Here you go

Cricut bundle


First I tried to print stickers on adhesive paper that I bought from Amazon. I didn't like it because the paper looks cheap after printing. I love these printable vinyl sticker paper. I bought it from Amazon

Printable vinyl is better than printable sticker paper. Vinyl stickers not only last longer, they always look much more professional. You can print full-color graphics on vinyl, so the design possibilities are endless.


circut papers

That’s it! There you go, my first sticker of Circut Maker 3.

If you have any questions, let me know. Maybe I can help you guys as much as I can.

Keep it up!


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